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    Antonio Carpinteri moved to Canada from Syracuse,
    Sicily in 1970 with the intention of starting his own business in a field where he could excel. It didn’t take
    long for his dream to become a reality: in 1972 he opened Italia Pizzeria on rue Saint-Pierre in Matane. It was the beginning of an extraordinary adventure in four acts featuring a family business whose values are as wholesome as its products.




    •          ACT I : From petite pizzeria to industrial park factory  (1972 - 1976)

      Two years after Antonio opened Italia Pizzeria in Matane, the local supermarkets came calling. They wanted him
      to prepare partially cooked pizzas for them to sell at their counters. He boldly rose to the challenge by building
      a factory in Matane’s industrial park and founding Italia Distribution.

      At the factory, they produced Antonio’s famous partially cooked pizzas,
      but also sub sandwiches and cretons, which would quickly become one
      of the company’s most popular products. In 1976, one year after becoming
      Les Aliments Gaspésien, the factory diversified to start producing meat pies,
      egg rolls, and even cakes.


    •          ACT II : Growth and diversification  (1977 - 1987)

      New name, new vocation: in 1981 Les Aliments Gaspésien became
      Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes in order to start marketing its own products.
      Under the brand name Gaspésien, the company added cooked ham,
      smoked ham, salami, and pepperoni to the family roster.

      In 1986, after a fire destroyed the factory, the company moved into a new,
      custom-built facility in the Matane industrial park in keeping with its needs
      and ambitions.


    •          ACT III : Products making headway   (1988 - 2003)

      The Gaspésien brand was on a roll. Its reputation continued to grow as its mock chicken, cretons, and hams became category bestsellers at an increasing number
      of supermarkets. This reputation allowed the company to develop new products
      and capture new markets.

    •          ACT IV : Time to pass the torch   (2004 - present)

      Antonio’s eldest son, Enrico, became general manager of the company plant.
      His second son, Luca, started working at Villa Carpinteri, the vineyard Antonio founded in Saint-Ulric. At this vineyard, over 10,000 grapevines defy the climate, making it the northernmost vineyard in Canada.


    Enrico Carpinteri


    Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes’ production facilities are HACCP accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency—no surprise given that our production methods are focused on total quality and use the latest technologies
    to seal in fresh-made flavor until products are consumed.

    Our 40,000 square-foot factory doesn’t just produce deli meats: It produces quality, variety (over 50 products),
    and a consistent supply to food lovers across North America.






    Over the years, the company has become a major North American producer. Not only are our products sold in supermarkets in cities and towns across Quebec, they’re also distributed elsewhere in Canada.

    Just like consumers here in Quebec, our neighbors appreciate two things: the taste of our deli meats, and their consistent freshness. These are two essential qualities for anyone who likes good food.