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Privacy Policy

We respect your private life.


As a responsible organization, Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. places the highest emphasis on the protection of personal information (PI) belonging to its employees, clients, and partners. It implements procedures and technical solutions in accordance with cybersecurity standards and applicable regulations, including Quebec's Law 25 that modernizes legislative provisions on the protection of personal information.

This policy is published on the website of Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. and is regularly reviewed. The publication aims to inform stakeholders about the management method and rights related to their personal information processed by Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd.


This general policy applies to all entities of the Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. based in the province of Quebec, processing personal information hosted or stored in Quebec.

"Personal information" (PI) refers to all information related to an individual that directly or indirectly allows their identification. This definition applies to information collected and retained by Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. or by a third-party partner, regardless of the nature of their medium or the form under which they are accessible.

Note: Personal information regarding an individual's role within a company (name, title, position, email, and professional phone number, etc.) is not covered by this policy or the law that modernizes legislative provisions on the protection of personal information in Quebec.

1. Personal Information

1.1 Collection of Personal Information

The categories of personal information collected by Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. are listed below (non-exhaustive list):

  • Identification Information: name, first name, postal address, mobile phone number, personal email address, postal code, etc.
  • Information about Requests and Employment: Social Insurance Numbers (SIN), CVs, educational backgrounds, level of education, school, experience, letters of recommendation, references, professional backgrounds, hobbies, areas of interest, community involvement, educational program, school records, test/exam results, high school diplomas, grades/GPA, interview information, etc.
  • Information about Computer and Digital Activity: IP address, MAC address, logs, device type, etc.
  • Browsing Cookies: The website does not use any cookies.

1.2 Objectives of Collection and Processing of Personal Information

When you consent to the collection of personal information, Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. collects and processes your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Prospecting and Business Transactions

    • Customizing the website.
    • Using services offered by Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd.
    • Sending commercial communications related to our company or selected partner companies.
  • Recruitment:

    • Background and degree verification, conducting interviews, organizing recruitment events, checking references, collecting information about candidates who applied for job offers, identifying and attracting qualified candidates.
    • Managing profiles, applications, and interactions with Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd.
    • Sending messages about positions that may interest candidates.
  • Analysis, Research, and Development: optimization of IT resources, research and development, including improving our products, website, applications, services, and user experience, as well as other research and analysis purposes to enhance products, services, activities, operations, and processes.

  • Audit, Reports, and Investigations: statistics, internal investigations, reports on ethical and compliance incidents, conflict of interest management, compliance with export controls, dispute resolution, company's legal obligations, and mandate management.

  • Legal Compliance: complying with legal obligations, responding to an authority, a court decision, or a request for document disclosure.

  • Self-Protection and Protecting Others: when necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action against illegal activities, suspected fraud, potential threats to individuals, violations of policies, terms, or other regulations.

Personal information is only used for the aforementioned purposes.

Personal information may also be used for another purpose as long as that purpose remains consistent with the initial objective and the information provided to the owner of said information.

1.3 Personal Information Lifecycle

Retention and Updating of Personal Information

Personal information is retained for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, or as needed to comply with legal and contractual obligations of Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd.

A procedure for updating personal information is established to ensure accuracy, destruction, or anonymization when the objective is achieved.

1.3.1 Information on the Collection of Personal Information

Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. must inform users of the collection of personal information as follows:

  • The purposes for which the information is collected.
  • How the information is collected.
  • Access and rectification rights provided by law.
  • Their right to withdraw consent for communication or use of the collected information.

Information is collected in the following ways:

  • Through the privacy policy published on Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd.'s website.
  • When obtaining user consent during the creation of a user account.

Note: Personal information, however, may be used for other purposes without the consent of the individual concerned:

  • When its use is compatible with the purposes for which it was collected.
  • When its use is clearly in the interest of the individual concerned.
  • When its use is necessary for study, research, or statistical production purposes and is depersonalized.

1.3.2 Consent to the Disclosure of Personal Information

Except as provided by law, user consent for the disclosure of personal information must be explicit, free, informed, and intended for the specified purposes.

  • Consent is obtained through a checkbox.
  • Consent is obtained separately for each intended purpose.
  • Consent is valid only for the time required to achieve the purposes for which it was requested.

Consent of minors under 14 years old is given by the holder of parental authority or the guardian. Consent of minors aged 14 and over is given by the minor, the holder of parental authority, or the guardian.

Exemption from Consent

Consent for the collection or communication of personal information is not required in the following cases:

  • Disclosure of personal information for statistical, research, or production purposes.

1.3.3 Communication of Personal Information Outside Quebec

Collected personal information may be stored, processed, and transferred to any country or region in which Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. operates, to allow us to use this information in accordance with this policy.

In case of transfer outside the province of Quebec, the person responsible for personal information protection (RPRP) must conduct and formalize a Privacy Factors Assessment (EFVP) to verify that personal information will benefit from an appropriate level of protection and confidentiality.

1.3.4 Protection of Personal Information

According to Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd.'s information security policy, personal information retained for use, like any data considered confidential, must be secured or anonymized using tools and procedures provided depending on the information medium.

Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. complies with regulations and standards imposed on personal information protection and information system security.

Security assessments are conducted to ensure the robustness of the privacy protection and cybersecurity management system of Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd.

We apply technical, organizational, and operational measures in case of incidents to protect personal information managed by Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. In particular:

  • Identification of personal information and sensitive data.
  • Risk analysis related to personal information management.
  • Human resources measures (onboarding, retention, training).
  • Information system security governance.
  • Technical means (protection, detection, encryption).
  • Protection and recovery measures.
  • Physical protection (servers, PCs).

2. Rights of Personal Information Owner and Complaint Management

2.1 Rights of Personal Information Owner

Through the RPRP, each service of Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. dealing with personal information must be able to respond to the following requests:

  • Withdrawal of Consent for the use or disclosure of your personal information.
  • Access and Rectification Rights for personal information.
  • Right to Be Forgotten. In some cases, for instance, when personal information is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or the disclosure of personal information violates the law, personal information must be erased and all hyperlinks delisted.
  • Right to Data Portability in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format.

2.2 Contact and Complaint Management Regarding Personal Information Management

According to the law, anyone wishing to access their personal information, modify it, or is dissatisfied with the processing of their personal information can contact the person responsible for personal data protection at Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd. using the following means:

  • Email:
  • Postal address: 85 du Port Matane (Quebec) Canada G4W 3M6
  • Phone: 418-562-5757

The procedure for requesting access to personal information is free for the interested party.

Requests for access to personal information are properly recorded.

The transmission of any personal information is subject to verification of the requester's identity according to the procedure in effect at Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes Ltd.

A response to the information access request must be provided to the requester within 30 days of receiving the request. Otherwise, the request is considered denied.

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